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In recent years, there has been a growing concern about women’s safety in various parts of the world. From sexual harassment to violent attacks, women often face numerous dangers while navigating their daily lives. However, the development of new technology has created solutions to help women feel safer and more secure. One such solution is the SOS Now : Rapid Emergency App.

The SOS Now : Rapid Emergency App is a mobile application designed to provide women with an added layer of security. It allows women to alert their friends, family, or the authorities in case of an emergency. The app also provides real-time location tracking, making it easier for responders to find the user quickly. With features like these, the SOS Now : Rapid Emergency App has become a popular tool for women who want to feel more secure while traveling, walking alone at night, or simply going about their daily lives.

An user can add many emergency contacts (Families, Close Friends and close relatives) as much he / she wants. App should also be installed in the phones of Emergency Contacts (families, close friends and close relatives). At the time of danger when he / she activates his SOS mode, All his emergency contacts will be notified instantly. His emergency contacts can see his realtime live locations until he deactivate SOS mode again inside the app. After SOS mode activated once , all his emergency contacts can see him realtime live at the same time. After SOS mode deactivated by him, Emergency Contacts can not see him.

This app has background services, if app is closed by users, no problem these apps can run in all situations like: app running / app closed / phone screen off / phone screen on Once you activate SOS Mode, all your Emergency Contacts can see your Realtime Live Locations in Realtime until you deactivate SOS Mode, to deactivate the app you can go inside the app You can simply deactivate it and after that your Emergency Contacts will not be able to see you.

An user can be emergency contact of many users at the same time. An Emergency Contact can see All SOS mode Activated users (users who added him as one of the emergency contacts of them) realtime live locations at the same time inside the app. Suppose there are 10 users who have their separate emergency contacts and you are the common emergency contacts of all of them. Now among them , 3 users activated SOS mode, so you and respective emergency contacts of those 3 users can see respective victims Real Time Live location inside the app at the same time.

How to use App ?

1. Open Play Store & Search SOS Now : Rapid Emergency App“.

Download App: Click Here

2. Install the App & Open.

3. Now Register with your mobile number.

4. Enter your your details (Name, Add, Email) & update

5. Buy Plan (1 Day for Free Trial | 999 for 3 years | ₹1999 for 10 years)

6. You can add many emergency contacts (Families, Close Friends and close relatives as much he / she wants. App should also be installed in the phones of Emergency Contacts (families, close friends and close relatives.

7. That’s it. Now you can use in Emergency Situation.


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